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about people, the planet and the art of living. Since 2015 we’ve been making clothing, the sustainable way. We are a slow street fashion but we move fast.

With everything we make, we want to give you something more than just a piece of fabric. BANGLADASH© is like an ever growing art project and we invite you to become a part of it. We dream of changing the streetscape and clothing is our canvas of choice.


BANGLADASH© clothing fits your conscious lifestyle. We started with the Tara Tee and over the years we’ve created new collections. Go to Store to see all designs.


in Utrecht, the Netherlands is where each BANGLADASH© item is designed and screenprinted -by hand. We treat the atelier as an ashram, a place where the art of making things is sacred. Each time we get our hands dirty, we grow in the craft. Our products reflect our progress. They are all a tiny bit different. Not just the outcome, but also the spiritual aspect of creation is the focus. It actually sounds better in Japanese; we practice monozukuri.



is not a bitch if you know how to deal with her. We want to contribute to the solution, not to the problem. All our products are made of organic cotton and ethically produced. Absolutely no beings or planets were hurt during the process.



Is the only way forward. We are the new generation of clothing brands. Living up to our morals, making sure we do the best we can, is vital to us. Working with organic materials allows us to keep our footprint humble and to work with natural and renewable fabrics. Organics are less of a headache for mother earth and better for you, because they are non-GMO and free from harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Clean as a good cop.



which means all our products are sweatshop free. No child or forced labour was involved producing them. We only work with suppliers that guarantee fair wages and a clean and safe work environment for their employers.

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